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HVAC Engineering, Sanitary Works and Industry piping
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Daniel CUNIN

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Our activities combines the following trades :

  • The Plumber :

    He studies and assembles the sanitary equipments (sink, shower, bath, etc.) as well as the pipe networks. He calculates the flows and volumes (water, gas, compressed air, etc.). Eventually, he ensures the precise setting and starts up the equipments.

    Our teams usually intervene in emergency situations, for a large part of their task includes repairing or replacing used installations. Their main characteristics are accuracy, methodological approach and aesthetic concern. They always have an open ear to client demands as they intervene on equipment maintenance (individuals, etc.) and with professionals on working sites (architects, masons, heating specialists, electrician, etc.).

    Plumbing has undergone significant technical evolutions which are linked to the modern materials and tools put on the market : from the bathroom to the installation of solar water heaters, the scope of their action requires a never-ending technological adaptation.

  • Le MInstaller of Thermal Equipments : He installs the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems and connects the appliances (boilers, air-conditioner, fans and control equipment) to networks which carry energy or fluids (electricity, gas fuel, steam, water).

    The constant evolution of technics and the new directions in favour of renewable energies (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, etc.) require a great adaptability and a good technical level from our teams which have to take into account the thermal regulation that requires high energy performace levels for the equipments, in terms of both efficiency and environmental friendliness.

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